Befriend Boredom


   Ok folks, let’s talk about it. That time that everyone longs for while also dreading. IT’S SUMMER VACATION!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! Except it’s not just “woo hoo” it’s also “UUUUGGGG”!!!! So. Much. Free. Time. And with free time comes, “I’M BORED!!!! THERE’S NOTHINGS TO DOOOOOOO!!! WHAT SHOULD WE DOOOOO???” Look, it is NOT your job to find your kids happy. No one found OUR happy when we were kids. We got bored, we did something about it. We went outside, made up a game, played with siblings, we figured it out. It’s time we do the same for our kids. To give them a gift that they need. A puzzle to solve. It’s time to let our kids find their OWN way out of boredom. Ya know what, it’s actually good for them to be bored and unbored themselves. Sure, you have to survive their anger, and yelling and tantrums and wrath but again, it’s not your job to keep your kids happy and you know this because you read my blog about that, right? 

I know that the thought of dealing with the meltdowns can be just too much but I’m here to give you some reasons to do it. 

You Will Get YOU Time

   Remember that??? The time when you can hang out on FB or read a book or catch up on your shows or get whatever you need done, ummm, done. It has been so long that it seems like a fuzzy memory, a mirage in the distance, a faded dream but it doesn’t have to be. When your kids know how to self start they will be out of your hair for a while doing what kids love to do best, PLAY. Sure we love our kids and love spending time with them but sometimes or MORE than sometimes we really need some downtime. I hear you now, “This will never happen.” Our parents made it happen, if they can we can. Kids haven’t changed sooooo it must be us. We aren’t being clear and we aren’t sticking to what we say. We give in and micromanage their day. We find their fun, we pay for their fun, we sign them up for their fun, we drive them to their fun. Make them find their fun then find yours. 

Kids Will Learn To Problem Solve

   The other plus that comes from making kids find their own way out of boredom is that they learn how to do it. I know, DUUUHHH but it’s so important. When kids figure out how to find their fun, they learn to think outside of the box, to problem solve, to work together (if there are others there). They gain confidence. When they can problem solve and find the fun, well, that’s empowering. They started with nothing and created something. They thought that they couldn’t but they realized that they could. See, we want kids who feel empowered and yo, empowered is not bossy, pushy or yelly. Empowered is confident and sure of ones skills and the possibilities that they can create. We want to raise kids who can problem solve, think for themselves, create something out of nothing, killer life skills you will be imparting there. Super awesome mentoring!!!!

Kids (People) Need To Know It’s Not Always About Them

   Harsh, maybe but it’s true. It ISN’T always about them. If you stop what you are doing to spend 20 minutes giving your kids 75 ideas for what they can do, what’s that teaching them? I mean let’s be honest, they are gonna hate al of the ideas anyway because they are stuck in the Land Of Boredom and nothing that you say short of Disney Land will be a winner of an idea so why even go there. I’m not saying that you can NEVER give advice. Maybe there was something that they could have forgotten about or you just got a box from amazon that needs to be transformed into something  fantabulous so you don’t ALWAYS have to blow them off, just usually 😜 . Kids have a hard time understanding that others have needs and wants and it’s our job to teach that they are NOT the center of the universe. You know someone who never learned THAT life lesson and it is NOT pretty. If you’re eating lunch you don’t have to get up to find the fun. If you’re getting some work done, you don’t have to stop to find the fun. If you’re in a conversation, you don’t need to stop to (say it with me) find the fun. Again, the fun you find will probably not meet their standards anyway so just have them do it.

    SOOOOO, to be clear, I am NOT demanding that you ditch your kids and never play with them. NOOOOOOOO. What I AM saying is that you’re not charged with creating your children’s constant entertainment and joy. When you do so you become frustrated and angry and what do they glean from all of this help? The idea people exist to make them happy and do their bidding. Also as I said before there is no greater gift that you can give your kids than the ability to problem solve. Ok, I am sure there is a long list of great things but just go with me on this one. 

    I believe in kids. I’m not asking you to punish them, I’m asking you to empower them. To believe, as I do, that kids are amazing and they can do so much on their own. I believe that they have great brain power and creativity. I believe and so should you. Let your kids be bored and give them the benefit of an awesome life lesson and give you some chill time. Love to hear about the new games and activities that your kids come up with.